Messages From the Board



Our mission is to work diligently to support and implement Qatar 2030 vision. Since the inception of Power International Holding we persevered to strategically grow and diversify our businesses, bringing to Qatar and the world a varied range of companies and innovations that offer superior products and quality services to meet the aspirations of Qatar and the world.

Aura Lifestyle, aspires to promote entrepreneurship and seeks to advance the ambitions of our local partners and international associates We pride ourselves in our growing business portfolio as we expand into additional industries to provide our clients with excellence, for our success stems from their trust and our trust in our people.

Moutaz Al-khayyat


Vice Chairman

As a Qatari holding company, our mission is driven by continuous progress and the ability to make a difference both small and large. We pursued sustainable profit growth over the years with a clear strategy and corporate philosophy. At Aura, we believe in Focus, Efficiency, Expertise, Responsibility, Leadership and Financial Stability, with the well-being of our employees and the societies we work in.

As our achievements drive our momentum, Aura Lifestyle has been established as a trusted name and, in God’s will, will be present in Qatar and beyond for generations to come.

Ramez Al-khayyat

Ali Kazma

Chief Executive Officer

With over 35 world class brands, “Aura Lifestyle” is considered one of the leading companies in the GCC and MENA region in the food & beverage, leisure and entertainment sectors:

“Aura Hospitality & Food Services” is successfully embarking upon a journey of exceptional corporate growth. We are in constant evolution and innovation for the aim of providing our customers and franchisees with maximum value. Our vision is to become a major global player and with our challenging spirit and outstanding team of professionals and experts we will accelerate our efforts constantly to meet our business goals.

We, at “Aura Hospitality & Food Services” are joining efforts and hands to achieve the corporate principles and its vision through offering customers high end quality products and services, building an unrivaled team of executives and leaders and drawing a career path to our employees while being a franchisee friendly business providing support and efficiencies in deliverables to succeed with the brands.

“Aura Entertainment” group continues to grow through our devoted team, consisting of experts specialized in the entertainment sector. We develop concepts that are innovative, purposeful, and profitable and we are in constant research and creation of unique ideas to bring special entertainment concepts around the globe.

At “Aura Lifestyle”, we are dedicated in providing quality and innovation in everything we do!

Chef Finian Gallagher

Hospitality and Food Services Managing Director
  • Managing Director of Aura Hospitality & Food Services, Finian Conrad Gallagher is an award winning, Michelin Star Chef with over 30 years of culinary experience. A visionary Restaurant entrepreneur and formerly the creator of many world-renowned brands , Finian Conrad is spearheading the development of Aura Hospitality & Food Services to take the company to exciting and innovative new heights. Bringing his unique flair to Aura’s brands, he joined the company in December 2016 as Corporate chef and Culinary director and was responsible for the menu and concept development as well as a majority of the company’s new openings through 2017, being promoted to MD in February 2018 and creating a new vision for the company it has continued its successful expansion under him with the creation of new concepts and the opening of additional branches of Aura’s successful outlets, bolstering Qatar’s social and entertainment landscape with sensational F&B options.